Habs Fan in Ontario

I’d like to introduce myself.  My name is Marcus.  I live in Ontario.  I am a Habs fan.

From the time I was old enough to watch hockey, I have watched and loved, the Montreal Canadiens.  Living in Leafs Nation this hasn’t always been the easiest thing.  My friends are Leafs fans, my family are Leafs fans, people I work with are Leafs fans, basically EVERYONE is a Leafs fan.

I don’t know if its my natural instinct to take the opposing side, or if I just prefer to follow a winning franchise but I remain now, and forever, a dedicated Habs fan.

This blog will discuss current Habs events, signings, gameplans and whatever else I feel like talking about in the world of “le bleu, blanc et rouge”.

Living in Ontario, my French is terrible, (almost non existent) but in this day and age of cyberspace, everyone has access to a translator so all franco comments are welcome.


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