It’s been a while…

Well…it HAS been a while, but I find myself with a small amount of time while I wait out the horrible 401 traffic.

Here we sit.  The Habs are comfortable.  Possibly the worst place for any team to be when they are trying to gain an identity.  “Holding pat” is probably the worst course of action for this team.  

I, like everyone else, fall victim to my emotions as a Habs fan.  The thought of trading any of the players I love so much always leaves a bad taste in my mouth, and a pit in the bottom of my stomach…

That being said, there is work to do.  I keep an optimistic mind, and leave my faith in tact for our leader, Marc Bergevin.  He has done a good job so far.  There has been some criticism for the signings of Murray and Parros, but while they haven’t necessarily helped us…have they hurt us?

First…the untouchables.  Carey Price.  Alex Galchenyuk.  Josh Gorges.  Tomas Plekanec.  PK.  That’s it.  2 forwards, 2 Defensemen and a goalie. Something to build a team around.  The rest, some I’d hate to see go, some not so much, are expendable.

Let’s take a look at who is not only tradable, but might get us some good bang for the buck.

1.  Max Pacioretty – Now don’t get excited.  I don’t want him to go, and I don’t think he’ll go anywhere, but imagine the package MB could get for him?  The thoughts are too enticing to avoid…

2.  Brandon Gallagher – People are gonna kill me now.  THIS is our trade chip.  Pair Gallagher with a proven veteran (more on that in a bit), and the future is ours!!!  Gallagher is great.  He might be my favourite Hab right now, but if a trade were to happen, he would HAVE to be part of the package that brings a superstar to Montreal.

3.  The Vets – Gionta, Markov and Briere.  Now I know that, outside of Markov, this is not a list that has proven itself so far this campaign. But these are proven guys.  These are guys that GM’s will come knocking for, when the time arises.  And if these names are paired with a prospect like Gallagher (I told you), THIS is the package that is going to do it for Bergevin.  

4.  The unprovens – Beaulieu, Tinordi, Bournival, Collberg, Leblanc.  If someone comes calling, you have to listen.  There isn’t likely going to be much offered for these guys, (yet) but you never know.

On that last note, these players absolutely NEED to be looked at a little more this year.  Beaulieu could very well be a direct replacement for Markov, but with more size.  Tinordi, could very well be the second coming of his father.  Leblanc, with all the shafting he has received in the last couple years, might actually prove to be the player past management saw him as.  Bournival needs to spend some time playing top 6 minutes.  He’s proven his worth everywhere else so far.  Collberg needs to show he can play in the NHL.

While I maintain, the future is BRIGHT in Montreal, this is a VERY crucial time for Bergevin.  His steps this season will prove to be his vault to legend, or his decent into the fate of recent managements…


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