And now…I’m back. Maybe the league will follow suit?

It’s been a long time, my internet friends.  

When the Habs season came off the rails last year, I was bitter.  I was disappointed.  I was angry.

I have always been a very positive thinking blogger, and I found myself in a state of mind that was not conducive to my blogging intentions.  So I backed away.  I took a breather.  I allowed all the naysayers, and “anti-everything” guys to have their day in the sun.

And now…I’m back.

First off, I’m not going to get involved in the CBA negotiations.  I will not claim to know anything about what is going on.  I’m in the dark the same as everyone else on that matter.  I’ll leave the speculations and yammering to the Knowitalls.  I will only say this.  “I’m ready to watch hockey now!”


It’s been quite an eventful few months, hasn’t it?  Almost everyone in management has been sacked.  Except for Trevor Timmins.  Congrats to him on his extension!  I think his work at this years draft shows just how incapable, and hindering past bosses were, don’t you?  I wonder how much influence Bergevin had on Timmins in the short time they worked together leading up to the draft?  Or did Bergevin just say to Timmins, “Have at her!”

I think it is safe to say, the future looks much brighter than it has for a few years.  A legitimate offensive “superstar” talent in the ranks in Alex Galchenyuk.  Suprise picks (as in, “Why were they still available”) Sebastien Collberg and Dalton Thrower made this years draft an unbelievable success.  Round it out with some quality character picks in the later rounds, and the Habs prospect ranks (which looked pretty weak going in) are now filled and strong.  And not filled with Gaineyesque picks like Kostitsyn (pfft) either.  We’re talking ‘exciting/there’s hope in Montreal’ type prospects here.  On top of the new additions there is Beaulieu, Tinordi, Gallagher, Ellis, Holland and Bournival.  That’s a pretty good list.

Beyond that, Bergevin has done a great job of locking up Price and Pacioretty as well as bringing in some help for the bottom six in Prust and Armstrong.  No more pushing around this team.  I am a HUGE fan of bringing back Boullion as well.  I never wanted him to go in the first place.  “The Cube”, as I like to call him, will be a great mentor for Emelin.  I think he will also bring out a nastiness in Gorges that will make him that much better.

All that said, there is still work to be done.  Subban?  Get it done.  Get him locked up.  This of course will happen, I’m not worried about that.  If an offer sheet was coming for him, it would have already happened.  This reminds me completely of 2 years ago when Price was negotiating his first real contract.  It went on forever, didn’t it?  I expect Subban to sign a similar deal to that one.  2 years @ no more than $4 million per.  Why 2 years?  Because that is when the Gomez contract will come off the books.  And Subban will get his money.


Gomez.  Gomez, Gomez, Gomez.  The hate everyone has for this guy makes me a little sick to my stomach.  All his failings have been coaching.  Martin’s system is about as good a fit for him as a Ferrari in a Nascar race.  It’s like Zdeno Chara riding a horse.  It never made sense.  Blaming Gomez for this situation is unfair.  Sure I wish he put up more points in his time in Montreal, but he really hasn’t been that bad.  He really hasn’t!  I suspect he will be in the lineup come opening day, and he is going to have a good season.  No, he’s not going to have an 80-100 point season, but he is going to be a factor.  And this is a good thing.

So.  What’s next?  I don’t anticipate any big moves before the start of the season.  This team, and all its players, will get a chance to prove themselves.  With a new coach.  A new boss.  And an entirely new philosophy.



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