Gameday! Habs vs Blues

Tuesday January 10, 2012

Montreal Canadiens vs. St. Louis Blues

Halak is coming!  Halak is coming!

Guess what?  I couldn’t care less.  It’s become painfully obvious that Gauthier made the right choice in these two goalies and there is one stat that explains why.

  • Carey Price – Games played = 36
  • Jaroslav Halak – Games played = 21

The big question with Mr. Halak during the great goalie debate was, could he handle a bigger workload.  It is clear now, that this workload was intended to be monstrous as shown by the amount of games played by Carey Price over the last two seasons.  Anyone questioning how he is handling it?  I don’t think so.

And so…that is the last I will speak of this supposed “goalie controversy”.  Wait.  One more point.  Brian Elliot has been better.  That’s right.  Brian Fricken’ Elliot.

Getting onto an actual topic, Scott Gomez has been cleared for play.  “So what?” is everyone’s response.  The real question is, “Where will he play?”  Will he dislodge one of the other top 3 centermen as he has in the past?  Will he slot in on the wing on one of the top two lines?  Will he sit in the press box?

If Martin was still at the helm, you can bet he would immediately be thrown back into a top line role.  It seems, since Randy Cunneyworth has been handed the reigns, things are different now.  Desharnais and Eller are seeing much more time in offensive situations, where their skill sets will allow them to succeed.  Plekanec has been used more defensively as of late, a situation where he has always excelled.  This makes Gomez the odd man out.  Even Nokalainen is better at faceoffs than Gomez, so putting him there isn’t the best idea either.

This means he should be on the wing then, right?  Maybe.  But where?  Pacioretty is sick so if he is unable to go, he could get plopped into his spot with Desharnais and Cole.  I’d be interested to see that.  On the other hand, you could move Cammalleri over there and have a Gomez, Plekanec and Gionta line.  If Pacioretty does play tonight, what then?  How about moving Moen to the 4th line and putting him on Eller’s wing?

Or is Scott Gomez just destined to be thrown on the 4th line wing, hoping some other team will feel sorry for him and offer a trade?  How about Rick Nash for Gomez straight up? (insert LOL here)

Here’s what I think.  Gomez will start in Pacioretty’s spot tonight, and Patches will get a rest.  From there, Cunneyworth will move him around seeing if he has developed a spark in his time off.  (Gomez hasn’t missed many games since he’s come to Montreal)  Two things can happen from this.  He can be rejuvenated and start playing like the 7 million dollar man his contract demands of him, earning him a permanent spot on the roster, or attracting a trade offer from a team looking to reach the cap floor next season.  On the other hand, he could continue to be ineffective.  This could force the hand of Gauthier or even Geoff Molson himself.  Will Gomez be the next Wade Reddon?  Sent down to Hamilton to fester, and talk about what could have been.

Only time will tell…..

Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov
  • Ryan White
  • Max Pacioretty (illness)

Keys to the Game

Keep the ball rolling.  The Habs have started 2012 with a bang, winning both games they’ve played thus far in convincing fashions, but find themselves a LONG ways out of playoff contention.  Nothing a good winning streak couldn’t fix though, right?

My Prediction

Habs 6 – Blues 4


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