Martin fired! …and there was much rejoicing

The Canadiens announced today that Jacques Martin, head coach has been relieved of his duties. Assistant coach Randy Cunneyworth will take over until the end of the season.

My only question is this. “What took you so long!?!?”. In hanging onto tho old dinosaur, they have missed out on the opportunity to have one of two of the smartest, most interesting young hockey minds in the league in either Kirk Muller or Guy Boucher. Both signed on has head coaches in the conference.

Martin, a defensive minded coach, had clearly lost this team. Players were listless, goals were few and far between and he failed to see and use his players for what they are. Quick offensive minded players that would definitely benefit from some longer leashes. Look out league! PK Subban is about to run wild!

It remains to be seen, but does this mean that Lars Eller might start to get some deserved ice time? When Louis Leblanc scores a goal again will he be rewarded with ice time and a shot with some quality players instead of spending the rest of the game on the bench?

This is an exciting move by Pierre Gauthier and while it may very well be a selfish move to save his own job, the results are much appreciated by this fan and, I’m sure, many more.

Cunneyworth will get his shot till the en of the season, but if things don’t turn around there will be a manhunt in Montreal that rivals that of Harrison Ford in “The Fugitive”. Possible replacements include Mark Crawford, Randy Carlisle and my personal favourite, even as assistant to one of the aforementioned, Patrick Roy. Wouldn’t that be a story?


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