Notes from last nights game in San Jose

While watching the Habs blow yet another 3rd period lead to lose in a shootout last night, I compiled a list of thoughts about the state of the Habs.

BTW how cruel is it for a late game to not only go to overtime, but the sixth round of a shootout, only to see them lose? I’m very tired today.

Anywho, here’s my thoughts.

1. Weber is a Mark Andre Bergeron that doesn’t score. He’s not cutting it. Clearly he should be moved for someone, something, anything…

2. Diaz looked good at the start of the season. Since then, the league has gotten better. He has not.

3. Emelin is a train. That hit on Pavelski was one of the cleanest, hardest open ice hits I’ve seen in a long time. This guy is gonna be great for years to come in a Canadiens jersey. His defensive play has really improved as well and he seems to be understanding the Canadien game a lot better.

4. Something isn’t right with Plekanec. I don’t know if it’s an injury, confidence, or simply attitude (maybe that fat contract has made him too comfortable) but he is not the player we’ve watched and loved over the last few seasons.

5. Cammalleri looked rejuvenated last night. Maybe his love affair with Plekanec has come to an end? He was forechecking, backchecking (what?), crashing the net, I even saw him throw a couple hits last night! This leads me to my next point….

6. Desharnais makes the guys on his line play harder. Watching him play can either be frustrating or fascinating depending on whether his small stature is causing him to just be knocked off the puck easily, or allowing him to skate circles around his enormous opponents. (remember Chara in the playoffs last year? That was awesome!) regardless his play, however, his line mates always seem to play hard on his wing. This kids worth keeping around to see how much better he can get.

7. The Habs need to stop using the point on the power play. If there is no one there that can handle the puck, what’s the use in sending it there? Why not keep it down low and try out a cycling attack? Why can’t Martin see what everyone else can see?

8. On that note, Martin is a dinosaur. Trying to force an old style, boring game on a team that doesn’t want to do it. I sure wish Muller had his job, hell I’d even take Paul Maurice! Don’t get excited folks. Martin’s under contract for two more years.

9. Subban needs to stop flipping the puck at people. Just pass it PK! No one can accept a pass that’s flipping and bouncing across the ice! Has anyone mentioned this to him? Perhaps someone should tell him the benefits of a “saucer pass”

10. Price is awesome. He has become the bonafide leader of this team. From his dealings with the press, to his passion on the ice (did anyone see how upset he was after that tying goal got by him?). Price is teaching accountability by example. He already has my vote for the Hart trophy.



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  1. Gern Blanston says:

    Re: point 6, you’re not the only one who likes DD:

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