Gameday! Habs vs Panthers

Monday October 24, 2011

Montreal Canadiens vs. Florida Panthers

Is there anything else to say?  If they can’t beat Florida, well…..

Gauthier made a minor trade on the weekend.  Brock Trotter and a 7th rounder for  Petteri Nokelainen and Garrett Stafford from the Phoenix Coyotes.

I think this was a mercy trade for Brock.  It had become painfully obvious that there just wasn’t a spot available for a player of his ilk.  Small, offensively gifted forward.  Sound familiar?

In return, the Canadiens receive a bottom six grinder in Nokelainen and a defensemen who should be well known to anyone who has followed the Bulldogs in recent years.  Remember when Parezhogin almost decapitated a defensemen and received a 1 year suspension?  Yep.  That was the guy.

Was this a setup trade for things to come?  I don’t think so.  Gauthier doesn’t seem like the type to panic.  Give it a week.  Things will be ok.  Go breathe into a paper bag or something.

Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov (still recovering from knee surgery)
  • Ryan White
  • Jaroslav Spacek
  • Chris Campoli
  • Scott Gomez

Keys to the Game

The Habs need to come out with a fire in their belly.  Passion is going to win this game.  Period.

My Prediction

Habs 5 – Panthers 1


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