Gameday! Habs vs Sabres

Tuesday October 18, 2011

Montreal Canadiens vs. Buffalo Sabres

Some good news starting to poke its head out of the rumour mill this morning.  Word is, Cammalleri has made big progress with his injury and should be back at some point this week.  Possibly as early as tonight!  (I highly doubt that)  Montreal’s offense has been heating up in his absence and his return will take them to the next level.

Now.  The defense…. Who would have thought we’d be, at this point in the season, itching for the return of Jaroslav Spacek?  The lack of veteran’s on the blueline has become painfully obvious in this rough start to the season.  When the average age of your playing defenders is 26, and 2 of those 6 guys are rookie imports from overseas, there just isn’t going to be a lot of wisdom out there.  This is the reason there have been massive breakdowns.  This is the reason Price has been hung out to dry.

Now I’m not saying Diaz, Emelin and Weber have played badly.  In fact, they have been the most solid of the six if you ask me.  But when your veterans are don’t have confidence (yet) in their teammates, they are forced to think too much, try to do too much, and they end up out of position.  Especially when 1 of your “veterans” is a 22 year old named PK Subban.

Many Habs fans are getting anxious, and are wondering why Gauthier has not yet pulled the trigger and picked up someone to replace the injured Campoli.  Gauthier not making a move is speaking wonders to the position of Markov, and that his return in inevidable.  This GM is not one to leave things to chance, and I think we will see the return of our best player, sooner than later.  And this team will be whole once again.

Buffalo is in town tonight, and the Habs will be forced to pick up their socks, or they WILL suffer another loss.  Buffalo looks good on paper this year, and is starting to show that that is translating to good play on the ice as well.

Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov (still recovering from knee surgery)
  • Ryan White
  • Jaroslav Spacek
  • Chris Campoli
  • Mike Cammalleri

Keys to the Game

Just as I predicted, the lineup of Desharnais, Pacioretty and Kostitsyn was a force to be reckoned with the other night.  Desharnais led all forwards in ice time, and Pacioretty was a threat every time he came near the puck.  Martin is likely to keep this line in tact and I expect them to dominate once again as it is unlikely the Sabres will show them their best defenders.  (I don’t think anyone quite respects DD yet)  If they do try to shut down this line, I think we will FINALLY see a breakout game from Scott Gomez, who will benefit from the open ice he is awarded.

My Prediction

Habs 5 – Sabres 3


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