Gameday! Habs vs Flames

Thursday October 13, 2011

Montreal Canadiens vs. Calgary Flames

I wonder if they are going to do the usual “Home Opener Routine” and set the ice ablaze at the Bell Centre tonight?  Seems like it might be a little inappropriate considering their opponents.  Unless the flames are then doused by a wave of Bleu, Blanc et Rouge. Now THAT would be awesome!

It would seem we’ve already seen the best and worst that this team has to offer in the two games they’ve played this season.  From giving up the goat on opening night in Toronto, to complete domination in Winnipeg in front of a crowd that should have had them by the ….

These Habs always seem to play better in front of their home crowd.  Is it the fans?  The familiarity of the ice?  Or is it the ghosts of the old Forum lingering in the air?  No matter the reason, if this team expects to take the next step forward, it will require continued home dominance as well as an improved road record.  The word of today is consistency.

Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov (still recovering from knee surgery)
  • Mike Cammalleri (laceration out 2 weeks)
  • Ryan White
  • Jaroslav Spacek
  • Chris Campoli


Keys to the Game

That's it Jacques! Let's see a little emotion out there!

Pressure, Pressure, Pressure!!!!  Don’t come out for 20 minutes and then disappear in the second period!  I’m starting to think that listening to Jacques Martin in the dressing room in the first intermission is putting them to sleep.

And furthermore…STOP HITTING THE POST!!!!!!

My Prediction

Habs 3 – Flames 1


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