Gameday! Habs vs Leafs

Thursday October 6, 2011

Montreal Canadiens vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

And…….WE’RE BACK!!!

This season seems to have everyone a lot more excited about hockey than others.  I’m not 100% sure what is making this year so special, but there is a buzz in Habsland about this team.  Some people think they have a shot this year, others are skeptical.  An ever-loyal Habs fan, I ALWAYS feel they have a shot.  Reason is swept out the door, and is replaced by pride, excitement and cheer.

Along with this pride is a belief, no, check that, a KNOWLEDGE, that Scott Gomez is going to have a career season.  He will play with passion and truly benefit from the extra ice provided him with the hungry play of a fully recovered Max Pacioretty.  Cammalleri is going to have the same sort of thing with Eric Cole opposite Tomas Plekanec.  I think Cammer is going to break the 40 goal mark this year.

Another fact?  Carey Price is going to win the Hart AND Vezina trophy this year.  The cowboy goalie is gonna rope that net like a bronco, and hog tie all opposing forwards in the crease while having them beg for mercy.

How about one more prophecy from the oracle that is Marcus T?  Andrei Markov will come back when he’s ready, and teamed with Subban on the 1st power play will form a force the league has never, ever seen!

Ahhh…it felt good to get that out.  Now, to reality.

It all starts tonight.  The Leafs are clearly a weaker team than the Habs.  They need to make it a HABit of beating these weaker teams, and beating them soundly.  The Leafs are on the rise, and this could be the beginnings of a resurgence in a historic rivalry.

Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov (still recovering from knee surgery)
  • Lars Eller
  • Ryan White
  • Travis Moen (questionable)


  • Nazim Kadri
  • Tim Connolly

Keys to the game

The Habs will come out hot.  They always do.  The key is, when that first storm is over, they must protect Price.  Too many times have opponents weathered the storm only to see the Habs forwards get lazy and flutter back to their own zone, just in time to see their enemies raising their arms in triumph.

The Leafs are a young team.  Young players are ALWAYS looking for that big intercepted pass that springs them on a break.  The forwards must use their speed down low, cycling the puck and crashing the front of the net.  This will put the Leafs back on their heels a bit, and curb the enthusiasm of these young players.

My Prediction

Habs 5 – Leafs 2


About Marcus T

Father, Husband, Blogger, A/V Guy and Huge Habs fan.
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