What a stinker! Or was it?

Well, the Habs have wrapped up their Bell Centre appearances this post season. And with a 4-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Lightning (or was that 5-0) on paper it looks like a real stinker! Or was it?

I’ve got a few reasons why this game wasn’t as bad as you might be thinking.

  1. Scott Gomez played hard again. At the beginning of the game, Scott Gomez was everywhere, once again. Shooting the puck, making good, hard passes, hitting, and moving his feet. I think Scott feels like he has something to prove this season, and he’s right. He does.
  2. Campoli looks good in le bleu blanc et rouge. Chris has a blistering shot, and for a guy who just rolled into town and has to learn a very demanding Jacques Martin, defensive system, he fit in just fine.
  3. Yemelin has clearly won a spot in the lineup. This guy is awesome. I think many people have overlooked the fact that, like Campoli, Yemelin is learning a difficult defensive system. Everyone seems to think he should be crushing guys and scoring goals on every shift. I have been happy to see Yemelin focussing on learning Martin’s system and not running around the ice making a fool of himself. As he gets more comfortable within the system he will be a force on the ice, as he showed laying the body to Blair Jones in the 3rd period.
  4. All the posts that could possibly be hit, are being hit in this preseason. It’s crazy! When does Mike Cammalleri miss a chance like that? I’m sure as I drift off to sleep tonight, I will be awoken by a resounding, “DING!” in my head.
  5. Josh Gorges knee is just fine. I wonder how much oxygen was left hanging in the air when Gorges went down awkwardly in the corner. I know I found myself holding my breath. Then when he came back on the ice and was fine, I think there were a few extra megawatts of electricity created by wind turbines around the country as Habs fans all exhaled simultaneously.

Look everyone, I know it’s easy to get panicky about this 1-6 preseason record, but if no one else is gonna say it, I will. JUST CHILL OUT!

There will be REAL hockey in a week. Save some for opening night in Toronto.


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Father, Husband, Blogger, A/V Guy and Huge Habs fan.
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