We are underway!

I am very excited to be talking hockey again. Not that I stopped over the summer but it seemed to fall on deaf ears most of the time. As the Habs hit the ice last night I would like to think they took the last of the humidity and scorching sunlight with them. Bring on the snow! I’m ready!

Despite dropping their first preseason game 6-3 to the Dallas Stars last night, there were a few things to get excited about.

1. Alexei Yemelin is a beast. Leading the team in hits last night was great, but somewhat expected. What really impressed me was this guys skating. He looks very smooth and extremely powerful on his skates. There was a few points where he looked a lot like Markov skating around the ice. While everyone else still had their summer legs under them, Yemelin looked strong and ready.

2. Weber might finally be ready. He was more responsible in his own end, he looked faster and able to actually catch a forward that starts to get past him and seemed like the only veteran defenseman on the ice other than Todd Gill. Yes yes, I realize he WAS the only other vet out there but he LOOKED it. That was nice to see.

3. Jarred Tinordi is going to be awesome when he eventually grows into his body. While still a little gangly on skates, I was very surprised with the amount of skill he has with the puck, the amount of acceleration he has for a big guy and how well he has learned to use his size to his advantage.

4. Cole scored a goal! Enough said there.

5. Aaron Palushaj played hard. While unlikely to find himself a spot on the roster, this kid still played hard and seemed intent on proving himself.

6. Andrei Kostitsyn wants a new contract. If he plays all season like he did last night, he just might get one.

We will see how the rest of the preseason plays out, but so far I like what I’m seeing.


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3 Responses to We are underway!

  1. Robert says:

    I too have been waiting for the season to get underway the whole summer. I agree with what you pointed out. I also feel that although a bit rusty right now, I think the Cammalleri-Plekanec-Cole line will be killer.

    Great Post.

    • Marcus T says:

      Thanks for reading, Robert!

      I hope you are right about the top line! Cole seems to be exactly what they’ve been missing!

      It’s funny, all the other bloggers have been tearing Palushaj a new one for his play in the first two games, but I thought he played pretty hard. He made some mistakes, but isn’t that what the preseason is for?

      Hopefully Gomez wakes up for tonight’s game. Apparently he’s in great shape!

      Go Habs Go!

  2. robertptome says:

    Yeah, I also feel that Palushaj’s play has been decent to say the least. I’d rather he make mistakes now and spend a a bit more time in Hamilton than to crack the roster and then everyone says “Wow, he wasn’t ready…”

    From what I saw, Gomez is in a lot better shape than he was last year. What a beauty of a goal he scored.

    Hope to read more of your posts this season, and to get some of your feedback on my blog as well.
    Go Habs Go!

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