State of the Habs. Part One

I’ve been very quiet on the blogging front these past few months.   After that devastating loss to the Bruins, I just wasn’t feeling in the talkative mood…plus…IT’S SUMMER!!

Nonetheless, there have been some active stories in Habsland, so I shall touch on some of them now briefly.  Then I’m going for a nap in the hammock.

Erik Cole

There has been a lot of talk about the signing of power forward Erik Cole.  Some of it good, but a lot of it bad.  I don’t really understand what the complaining is about.  Before Cole went to the Oilers for that disastrous part season, he was considered one of the best power forwards in the game.  Unrivaled passion, willingness to use the body and good hands to boot.  Isn’t this the exact player the Habs have been longing for?  If Cole had gone somewhere else, wouldn’t all the complainers been on Gauthier’s case for not getting him?

I think this is a great signing by Gauthier.  Fills a gaping whole in this lineup and comes in at an acceptable price and term.


Alright, Gomez haters.  GET OVER IT!  Does anyone really think he is going anywhere?  Although Gomez’ numbers have not matched his inflated salary, his locker room presence has been well worth the dough.  Has everone forgotten that 3 years ago this was a broken locker room?  Long time leader Saku Koivu, had lost the room and the enigma that is Alex Kovalev clearly wasn’t the man to pick up the slack.  It was out with the old and in with the new, and it started with Gomez.  If not for the Gomez signing there would be no Gionta.  There would be no Cammalleri.  Maybe Price would have continued to come off the rails.  There wouldn’t have been that magical trip to the conference finals.

This guy is a leader.  And a leader is expensive.  A leader is worth the money.

Oh and by the way, Scott.  GET SOME BLOODY POINTS NEXT YEAR WOULD YA?!?!?!


When a GM takes over a team, he likes to put his mark on it.  A good GM knows that a successful team is built from the back end out.   Since his arrival as GM of the Canadiens, Pierre Gauthier has traded away playoff hero Jaroslav Halak, extended goalie phenom Carey Price, and stocked the cupboards with draft pick after draft pick of solid defensemen.  In this draft alone, Pierre used his 7 picks to select 5  defensemen and only 2 forwards.  Most notably is Nathan Beaulieu.  The 6’-3” 191 lb defensemen adds more size to Gauthier’s defensive cupboard, and has this Habs fan drooling at the thought of what it could mean to have a pairing of Tinordi/Beaulieu down the road.

Oh ya, did I mention that Gauthier landed that elusive power forward the team has been dying for?

I think PG is doing a bang up job, and you?



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