Gameday! Habs vs Bruins Game 5

Saturday April 23, 2011

Game 5

Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins

You’d think that everyone would know better than to write off this Habs team.  Apparently last years playoff run, overcoming a ridiculous amount of injuries to key players this year, and the general chemistry that this team seems to have has once again gone unnoticed by league pundits.

After a heartbreaking overtime loss in game 4, the Twitterscape and Blogsphere is alive with musings on what to write on the Habs tombstone.  “Tried hard but just too damn small”  “It’s all Scott Gomez’ fault!”  “PK Subban is still a rookie and it cost them the series”  These are the likely headlines of the Habs postseason obituary.

Allow me to address each of these Headlines.

Tried Hard but Just Too Damn Small

It’s true, this team is small.  Do they play small?  I don’t think so.  Ask 5’-7” David Desharnais how small he felt when he out worked/muscled 6’-9” Zdeno Chara for the puck behind the Habs net.  Give it a rest already!  If muscles are what makes a hockey player allow me to point out the most important muscle in the human body, heart.  Something these Habs have an abundance of.

Hmm...looks like holding to me!

It’s all Scott Gomez’ Fault

I’m so tired of this headline I could puke.  He had a bad season.  Get over it.  He has looked like a new man since the series started and his veteran presence in the locker room makes him worth every cent of his inflated salary.

Hmm..who was the only guy to stand up to Chara in defense of his fallen teammate?

PK Subban is still a Rookie and it cost them the Series

Are you kidding me?  A lot has been said about PK’s “ill advised line change” which led to the overtime goal.  Was it PK’s fault, or was it the coach’s who were hollering for him to change it up?  Was it PK’s fault or is Brent Sopel the slowest man on 2 skates?  Was it PK’s fault or did Brian Gionta miss his assignment (Ryder) in front of the net?  Was it PK’s fault or did Travis Moen blow a routine dump in?  Of course PK was executing a fast line change, that’s what he is supposed to do in that situation!

You did nothing wrong PK!

By the way, Kelly was offside.  That goal should never have happened.  I’m just sayin’.

Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov (Torn ACL-out indefinitely)
  • Josh Jorges (out indefinitely)
  • Max Pacioretty (Broken Neck)
  • Alex Picard (Foot)
  • Benoit Pouliot (healthy scratch)



  • Marc Savard

Keys to the Game

These lazy dump ins are killing this team.  You know what I mean!  Just like that little flutter flip of a shot that Moen sent approximately 5 feet into the Bruins zone, straight onto the defenceman’s stick, which quickly turned into a 3 on 1 that won the game for the Bruins, the Habs have been doing this all year long and it drives me crazy!  Get it in deep! Get some wood on it!  (Ha!  Wood.  What’s that?)  Shoot it in like you’ve got a pair!

90% of the odd man rushes that the Habs give up are a direct result of these lazy, fluttery shoot ins, and I don’t understand why it hasn’t been addressed yet.

It’s already cost them a game and the series momentum.  Soon it could cost them the season.

My Prediction

Montreal 2 – Boston 1  OT


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