Gameday! Habs vs Thrashers + Deadline Shmeadline

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Montreal Canadiens vs. Atlanta Thrashers

Deadline Shmeadline

Has everyone calmed down now?  Is everyone’s panic attack in check?  Are you willing to listen to reason?

The deadline has passed, and so did Gauthier.  The forums are alive with shouting, hatred and criticism over the GM’s apparent lack of ambition.  I, like all other Habs fans, was excited about the possibility of a move to acquire some offense in the form of a big winger, but it never happened.  I’m not upset, and let me tell you why.

Of all the people moved yesterday, there was only one player who would have fit the Habs needs.  That player was, Dustin Penner.  Penner moved from Edmonton to LA in exchange for Defensive prospect Colton Teubert, a first round pick in 2011 and a conditional 2nd round pick in 2012.  When you pair this with Penner’s massive cap hit of $4.25 million for this season and next, and the fact he will be a UFA looking to make more the following summer, this was not a move that Gauthier was willing to make, and I am happy.

Clearly Edmonton was looking for a 1st rounder and a top notch defensive prospect.  This they got in Teubert.  Would they have accepted a Yannick Weber + 1st and 2nd round picks trade?  Maybe, but I don’t think that’s a move I wanna make for a guy that’s only scored 30 goals once in his career.

There was talk about Jason Arnott, and whether he was the right guy for the job.  An aging centreman?  With our logjam down the middle?  Are you serious?

A note to everyone demanding Kostitsyn get out of town.  I agree, his days in Montreal are all but through, but what were we going to get for him?  Is he not more useful down the stretch and letting him walk in the summer, then moving him for a 2nd or possibly even 3rd round pick and have no one to play his wing.  Give your heads a shake.

All sources indicate that Gauthier was, in fact, a very busy man in the last few weeks, and the options just weren’t there.  Thank you, Pierre, for showing patience and thinking about the future.

Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov (Torn ACL-out indefinitely)
  • Josh Jorges (out indefinitely)
  • Mathieu Darche
  • Jaroslav Spacek


  • Jim Slater
  • Freddy Meyer
  • Ondrej Pavalec
  • Patrice Cormier
  • Alexander Burmistrov


Keys to the Game

Atlanta showed Sunday night that they are not giving up without a fight.  After going down 2-0 to the surging Leafs, they came back to tie it up and eventually win in overtime.  Look for the Habs get up early on the scoreboard, and then set back defensively and rely on Price to seal the win.  Typical heart wrenching Habs style.

My Prediction

Montreal 4 – Atlanta 2



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