Let’s talk about PK, shall we?

Alright folks, I’m getting a little tired of all the griping and whining about the “antics” of PK Subban.  After years of quiet, boring “stars” in Montreal, PK is a breath of fresh air.  On a team that seems to get shoved around and bullied, this young defenseman is ALWAYS ready to stand up for his teammates, and take on anyone who has a problem with him.

It seems the players in this league have some “code” about how a player is supposed to act when entering the league.  What is this, the ATP or PGA?  Give me a break.  This league needs players like PK Subban.  Especially now, when the media monitors every move that every player makes.  (unless you are in Phoenix, LA or Nashville)  If there weren’t players like PK, what would they talk about?  Hockey?  Pfft…what do these clowns know about hockey anyways?

Subban has taken a lot of heat for mouthing off star players that have been in the league for a number of years and have “earned their stripes” so to speak.  Who are these players?  Mike Richards, Chris Pronger, Sidney Crosby and Alex Ovechkin.  Superstars who started their careers by mouthing off other players and getting ridiculed for it.  Carry on PK.  Seems like a recipe for success.

PK has also taken some heat for his fight with Joffrey Lupul, as Lupul stated that Subban jumped him while he was taking his helmet off.  It would seem that Mr. Lupul isn’t aware that most of the television watching population has possesion of a PVR.  I am one of those people and have reviewed this fight over and over again.

Please follow along.

At first glance it would seem that, yes, Subban comes at Lupul while he is grabbing at his chin strap.  However, if you slow it down and actually watch what happens, you will see that Lupul is angling himself towards Subban, who has his back to the boards.  PK knows this, and knows he’s running out of room to move.  At this point, Lupul has his hands up beside his face. His left hand is, indeed, undoing his chin strap, but his right hand is free.  And it is in a prime position to punch.  Is Subban supposed to just take a punch to the face?  I don’t think so.  He did exactly what I and anyone else would have done in this position.  He tried to hit the guy he’s fighting before that guy hits him.  This is not a dirty move.  It’s common sense.

Saying that Subban should have waited for Lupul to take his helmet off:  a:  would have earned him a punch in the face.  b: is as stupid as Clint Eastwood’s victims saying “It’s not fair!  He took his gun out faster than I did!”

Give it a rest people.

No one had a problem with these "antics"


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