Gameday! Habs vs Panthers

Due to a blizzard and an extremely busy work week, this post will be done by Blackberry.  It will, however, have the qulity and authentic feel of a Panthers’ hockey broadcast.

Last night the habs came on the ice with their pillow prints still stamped into their faces.  I began by thinking two things:

1. Uh oh!  Washington’s back!

2. TSN’s broadcasters are incredibly annoying.

Why the commentators insist on spending the entire game yammering on about Alex Ovechkin’s troubles instead of calling the game at hand is beyond me.  I switched to RDS and watched it in french as soon as the PVR caught up to real time.

Halfway through the first period, the Habs seemed to realize they were playing a hockey game and dominated play for the duration.  If not for some strong play by Caps goalie, Semyon Varlomov, this game would have been a blow out.

After a soft goal early in the first, Carey Price, also seemed to wake up, or maybe his equipment finally thawed out, and he made some lightning quick pad saves, owning the net down low.  This kept the Habs within striking distance.

Gionta had all the offensive output for the Habs with 2 goals in regulation and the only goal in the SO for the win.

I don’t foresee any roster/line changes tonight against Florida as Martin’s experiment of Plekanec/Gionta/Pacioretty and Gomez/Kostitsyn/Eller looked pretty good.

Montreal plays a Panthers team who’s playoff aspirations are on their last legs, if able to walk at all.  That being said, they will come out hard and desperate and the Habs had better be ready as, in this stretch run, all points against lower tier teams are must haves!

My Prediction

Montreal 3 – Florida 2 SO

Sound familiar

Greetings from Southern Ontario


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