The Future is now!

I think I might be the only excited Habs fan on the planet right now.  This hard working team has done much better than anyone expected this year, despite the bad December record.  They sit comfortably in a playoff position and have had their goaltending question answered with a resounding, “YES”!

This guy could be a great fit!

Now the injury bug has squirmed its nasty little six legged body straight into the center of the lineup, taking out first Markov, then Gorges and suddenly Cammalleri, Pacioretty and Halpern.   Great news!

Are you thinking I’ve lost my mind?  While you may be right, let me explain.  Now that so much firepower has been forced out of the lineup, Gauthier’s hand has been forced.  He HAS to make a move now.  Sitting on the mediocrity is no longer a possibility.  Already the rumors are running rampant.  I have heard the Habs are looking at Matt Moulson, Teemu Selanne, Robyn Regehr, Brian Campbell, Stephen Weiss, among MANY others.  This is great for me for so many reasons.  As a blogger, it makes for a great time scanning the internet and contacting sources for hints of a possible trade.  It also means the Habs are finally, FINALLY going to do something.  The future is now in Montreal and after this “big move” happens, and the injuries fade, the Habs will be a true, bonafide contender.



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