Gameday! Habs vs. Hurricanes

Thursday December 23, 2010

Montreal Canadiens vs. Carolina Hurricanes

Two weeks ago, this game would have been a no brainer.  Habs by 20 or something like that.  Now…..not so much.  The Habs have been spiraling as of late and it is becoming more and more painfully obvious just how important a healthy Andrei Markov is to this team.  (once again)  It is time for Gauthier to make a move.  If Bieksa is coming, great!  In the words of Larry the Cable Guy, “Get ‘er done!”  For years now Habs fans have been sitting, ears to the grindstone waiting for that big move.  The one that puts this team over the top.  I’m talking the magnitude of that supposed “Vinnie” move that never happened.  Not that we need Vinnie now, I’m happy with the top six, what we desperately need is help in the back end.  An offensive defenseman that can mentor fan favourite P.K. Subban, and give this team the confidence that it seems to have lost in the last painful few weeks.

My television watching in the last couple weeks has consisted of nothing but terrible, cheesy Christmas movies, Habs games and old episodes of The X Files.  What has been my favourite of the bunch?  You got it.  The X Files.  Despite Scully’s horrible choices in wardrobe, these episodes are at least, predictable.  A lot more than I can say for the Habs these days.

Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov (Torn ACL-out indefinitely)
  • PK Subban
  • Benoit Pouliot


  • Cam Ward
  • Jiri Tlusty

Keys to the Game

Martin has once again decided to send PK to the pressbox and one has to wonder what this is doing to the kids confidence.  Should he be shouldering the blame for this recent skid?  I don’t think so.  WHY HASN’T HE BEEN PAIRED WITH GORGES YET?!?!?!?!!

On a positive note, the Gomez, Gionta, Pacioretty line seems to have found some real chemistry.  This is going to translate into goals very soon.  A lot of goals.  With this problem resolved the Cammalleri, Plekanek, Kostitsyn line can get back to where they were at the start of the season.  If this happens, and the uber-efficient Josh Gorges never plays a game as bad as he did against Dallas, the Habs should be able to get back on track.

My Prediction

Montreal 5 – Carolina 1


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