Gameday! Habs vs. Bruins

Thursday December 16, 2010

Montreal Canadiens vs. Boston Bruins

Valiant efforts just aren’t going to cut it with me anymore.  After another disappointing loss to the Flyers last night, the Habs have lost 3 in a row and a loss to the Bruins tonight would see them drop from 3rd in the conference to 8th and barely in the playoff bubble.  The play of Carey Price isn’t enough to succeed, he’s been great, and he might even score a goal this year (he’s trying) but there are some people that really need to get it going.

Tomas Plekanec, where did you go?  You have what it takes to lead this team in points, but you have all but disappeared the last few games.  Perhaps having Cammalleri back on your line will help get you BOTH going.

Mr. Kostitsyn, for someone playing for a contract you have been average at best.  The giveaways are KILLING ME!

PK….you will learn.  Maybe if you were paired with someone a little more defensively talented, you could get bailed out of your mistakes instead of becoming the scapegoat game after game.


Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov (Torn ACL-out indefinitely)
  • Dustin Boyd (healthy scratch)


  • Tyler Seguin
  • Mark Stuart
  • Trent Whitfield


Keys to the Game

Montreal has called up Max Pacioretty from the Bulldogs, where he has been tearing it up this season.  Last night against Philadelphia, he looked GREAT!  And Gionta and Gomez looked amazing with him.  These guys were by far the best line out there, and G and G will truly benefit from a big winger who is hungry and anxious to throw his body around.

My Prediction

Montreal 3 – Boston 1



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