Gameday! Habs vs. Sabres

Saturday November 27, 2010

Montreal Canadiens vs. Buffalo Sabres

Was anyone else as disgusted as I was with the Habs lackluster effort last night?  Man, that was terrible.  It didn’t look like anyone had slept the night before.  (sigh)

Oh well, I guess they deserved a bad outing, or something.

Tonight they are back in it, against a Buffalo team that has not lived up to expectations this year.  This, of course, makes them a very dangerous team to play against.  Something to prove, or nothing to lose?  Doesn’t matter either way, they aren’t going to play lying down.

Who’s out?


  • Andrei Markov (Torn ACL-out indefinitely)
  • Dustin Boyd (healthy scratch)




  • Drew Stafford
  • Tim Connolly
  • Rob Neidermeyer


Keys to the Game

The Habs need to take a page out of Dennis Rodman’s playbook.  Rebounding is everything.  After a terrible showing last night, they need to come out tonight, embarrassed and with a chip on their shoulders.

Hopefully a night off hasn’t had any effect on Carey Price’s mojo.  If he can keep it up, it could put him well on his way to his first Vezina and Hart trophy caliber season.

My Prediction

Montreal  – Buffalo 2   SO

Carey! No low fives right now! I have work to do!



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