Bye Bye Boydie

Dustin Boyd has been waived.  After scoring the teams first goal of the year, Dustin has failed to produce another point in 9 games played.  Paired with his +/- rating of -6, the team has decided to place him on waivers with hopes that someone will pick him up.  It has been stated that there are no plans to send him down to the Bulldogs, and if he clears waivers he will remain with the Canadiens.  This is a good sign that someone has shown interest in the young centreman.

While others see this as an opening for a big signing, I’m taking the more realistic approach.  We have a few guys down in the AHL who are in a prime position to make the jump to the big time.

Aaron Pulashaj, acquired in a trade with the Blues for Matt D’agostini, has been tearing it up with the Bulldogs.  In only 6 games this season, he has an impressive 11 points, and showed some real talent in training camp.

Max Pacioretty has also had a hot start to the year with 13 points in 11 games, he has everyone wondering if he is finally ready to take his place in a top 6 role.

Ryan White had the training camp of all training camps.  He brought new meaning to the phrase Gordie Howe hat trick and many, myself included, felt he earned a spot on the big club.

David Desharnais is up to his old tricks.  With 15 points in 11 games, he leads the team and shows no signs of slowing down.  At 5′-6″ this small statured centreman plays a big, big game.  While no one can deny Desharnais’ ability or heart, he faces the same problem he’s always faced with this club.  We have a surplus of small scoring centres and it’s hard to find a place for him.

I, personally, am not sure which road to take here.  Should Boyd be moved, who is best suited to fill the void left by his departure?  I would love to see Pacioretty succeed in the Rouge, Blanc et Bleu, but how can one deny the work done by Ryan White and Aaron Pulashaj?  Not to mention all the points that David Desharnais puts up year after year.

No matter the outcome, one thing is clear.  Martin and Gauthier are taking this recent slide seriously, and will not wait to see the team plummet in the standings.  Between line shuffling and roster changes, it is clear that our GM and coach are taking an active role in the continual building of this team.


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